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Moving Guidance (Pre-, Peri-, Post- Move)

It's almost time! Your incredible adventure in Boston's most celebrated neighborhood, Fenway, awaits you. You have world-class entertainment, baseball, restaurants, concerts, and you'll have to... move here first! Below are some things to consider:

Prior to Move:

1. Peak moving times are in June/July and September in Boston. Please plan ahead!

2. 16Miner's building management must know when you are moving . This ensures 1) the elevators are reserved, 2) the requisite damage prevention pads, and 3) there are no traffic jams with others moving etc..

3. Please ensure that you are using a reputable moving company with adequate damage insurance.

4. If moving on your own, consider using an on-demand storage and moving company such as U-Box by U-Haul or POD

5. Please reserve parking space from the City of Boston in front of 16Miner to park on-demand storage unit or moving vehicle.

6. Please ensure that you make accommodations to post "reserved parking" signs 3 days prior to your move.

7. Utilities: Please arrange to activate electricity (e.g., Eversource or another vendor) and internet/cable (Comcast or Starry)

8. Mail: Please initiate the forwarding of your mail through UnitedStatesPostalService

On Moving Day:

1. Please ensure that your route into Boston is planned carefully. You do not want to be... "Storrowed". :-)

2. Please check in with me and I will ensure that building management is prepared to receive you (e.g,, keep doors open and elevator reserved etc...). I will try my best to receive you at 16Miner, introduce you to your new home and give you the keys.

3. Please do not drive moving vehicles into the building - they will not fit! Park only in the space you have already reserved.

4. Keys: I will give these to you in person, arrange for hand-off with building management or send you the keys and garage clicker in advance depending on what we have arranged in advance. (3 keys + 1 key fob - front door + key to storage + mailbox)

5. Please carefully move heavy furniture through the garage and into the elevator for your convenience and safety.

6. Please place furniture on carpet or gently atop the bamboo floors. Bamboo really looks and feels beautiful; however, it is rather fragile, so please try to be careful.

After Moving Day:

1. If you are starting anew with furniture, please ensure that scheduled deliveries for furniture are reported to me and building management so that we can ensure that movers can access the building.

2. Generally, when you change your address, you will receive lots of coupons from companies. Hang on to these!

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